The life of a comic author

Katie Tiedrich of Awkward Zombie nails one of the worst parts of being a comic artist/writer apart from having to deal with webserver failures:

Let's draw a comic

But I think even worse than the pictured example or a just plain wrong “correction”, is a correction which might be 5% more accurate, but which would also completely ruin the joke. Fortunately, only a tiny fraction of our readers are as rude as StrawGuy2009 when they complain about something in the comment section.

PS: Tom Nook & Co. are raccoon dogs, not raccoons! So Katie should have called them “raccoon dog guys”! I wish the author of these comics actually knew what she was talking about or cared about zoology!

Ongoing webserver problems

Unfortunately, the webserver issues are more severe than I thought. There might be a problem that some script running on the website requires too many resources. Therefore I have deactivated all WordPress plugins and the comment section. It will take a while until all features will be activated again since increasing the stability of the webserver is now the most important goal.

Comments from yesterday gone

The webserver running had a serious storage malfunction and was offline for a couple of hours because of it. All your comments made after Tuesday, 24 September 2013, 01:30 CET, are gone. My latest database backup is exactly two hours older so there is nothing I can do to bring them back. I think my webhost Hosteurope handled the issue well. A technician had a look at the defect server although it’s 1 o’clock after midnight here in Germany.

Final Fantasy VII action figures

3D printing is still pretty expensive. But it already seems to offer lots of possibilites for custom-made sculptures. Several weeks ago, I purchased the following Final Fantasy VII action figures of all main characters in their original low-poly design. I got them at Shapeways, but apparently they are no longer sold by their creator. I really like how they turned out. They look exactly like in the game. Although the rough surface of the gypsum-like material is neat, I wished a less fragile material would have been used. Aeris’ left ribbon broke off after she accidentally fell over and I had to glue it back on. Nonetheless a very cool set of action figures.

Final Fantasy VII action figures

Commissioned wallpapers – Part 5

Here are the last three commissioned wallpapers.

Click on the preview images to download the wallpapers. They were drawn by: Serathus, Manusia No. 31, Exarrdian.