About reader reactions

It’s often impossible for me to predict the reaction of readers to a new strip. For example, I expected a massive backlash when I posted the short story arc where Larisa dressed up as a pedophile for Halloween. I wrote the story already in 2011, but postponed it for a year since I was afraid it would upset too many readers. However, the comment sections of those strips remained completely calm. In contrast, I had absolutely no negative expectations when posting the current strip Ruthless?. But at least two readers have now vocally expressed their intention to stop reading Sandra and Woo because of it. Which I find strange and unjustified since the strip has unquestionably a positive message. It also already has almost 100 comments, a feat usually reserved for strips specifically about Christianity (the only certain hot topic apparently) or Sandra kissing Cloud ;).

In other news, I removed the social media widget which was used very rarely. I also made visited links turquoise so that you can see more easily which pages you have already visited.

Sandy South and Qoo wallpaper

Here is the promised wallpaper featuring private eye Sandy South and her partner Qoo. This time they face a new dangerous enemy, the Fire Girl. Click on the thumbnail to see the full version.

Sandy South and Qoo vs. The Fire Girl

Amazing animated shorts by Cerberus

You should not miss to watch the following seven amazing animated shorts by the artist Cerberus (Tirrel). Four of them even features raccoons. With a left click, the SWF flash files open in a new browser tab. With a right click, you can download the SWF files.

The Nut Job by Cerberus (Tirrel)

“Deep in the jungles of… Hyde Park London, the squirrels discover the sinister truth behind their poor harvest. Vyle Bakeries Ltd have devised a cost-cutting scheme to obtain ingredients for their Cookie range and are stealing nuts right from the rodent’s own stash piles.

Faced with the prospect of either starving or having to pay extortionate prices for Starbucks cookies, the squirrels join forces and tackle the problem at the source… in an inexplicable and highly implausible way.”

Rescuing Ghosts by Cerberus (Tirrel)

Rescuing Ghosts is without a doubt one of the most beautiful shorts I’ve ever seen. The evocation is accompanied by the song “Talking with Ghosts” by Fox Amoore.

Katan by Cerberus (Tirrel)

“This is the story of Katan, a little aztec critter who works as a stonemason on huge pyramid projects. He’s an eager, talented employee who beleives strongly in what the project stands for, putting in endless overtime to get things done.

When a less committed, self-serving employee hatches a plan to steal the soul jewel of the temple, the mysterious crystal skull, Katan finds himself under blame and attack from the very monument he helped to create.”

Katan won the award “Best movie of 2010” on Newgrounds!

Raiders of the Trash by Cerberus (Tirrel)

Raccoons doing what they do best ;-).

Rockoons by Cerberus (Tirrel)

The first music video of the rock band Rockoons, featuring the song “Fever” by Aerosmith.

Rockoons TV by Cerberus (Tirrel)

The second music video of the rock band Rockoons, featuring the song “Separate Ways” by Journey. There are a couple of really cool scenes you just have to see several times.

Rockoons 3 by Cerberus (Tirrel)

The third music video of the rock band Rockoons, featuring the song “Let Your Love Flow” by The Bellamy Brothers. The Looney Tunes would be proud of the amount of cartoon violence.

Taking a break in August

Sandra and Woo will take a break in August 2013 after publishing strip #500 at the end of July. But there will be lots of other updates to shorten the waiting time for next strip.

Heavenly Nostrils

Ozy and Millie by D.C. Simpson, a comic strip featuring the serene young fox Ozy and his hyperactive best friend Millie, drew me into the world of webcomics in 2005. Simpson’s much anticipated graphic novel Rain Dog became the biggest letdown in the history of webcomics, though. It received several extremely negative reviews and got even mocked by the former fans of Ozy and Millie.

But now Simpson is back with the all-ages comic strip Heavenly Nostrils (start reading here). The first strip was published on 22 April 2012 and since the comic updates seven times a week, there are now already over 300 strips. The two main characters are the the chaotic nine-year-old girl Phoebe and her best friend, the unicorn Marigold Heavenly Nostrils who is regularly stunned by her own beauty and awesomeness. I think it’s easiest to describe Heavenly Nostrils as “Calvin and Hobbes for girls”, but I mean that in a good way. I think the strongest point of the comic is Phoebe who is immediately likeable. Her character design was clearly inspired by Millie, so all Ozy and Millie fans should get their money’s time’s worth. I’m also very fond of the black-and-white artwork, especially the funny facial expressions.

Heavenly Nostrils