Short interruption of the current storyline

Today I’ve handed in my diploma thesis in media computer science (“Medieninformatik”). Naturally, I was very busy during the last weeks so I could do barely anything for Sandra and Woo. We’ve been using up our strip buffer for the last updates, but now the script for the next strip is just not written yet. This means that the current storyline will be resumed on Thursday next week. On Monday, we will publish another strip which was supposed to be used at a later date.

Ellen DeGeneres: An Unbelievable Batch of Bad Paid-for Photos

This is the funniest thing I have seen in months:

And there are much more videos of the same category on the website of the Ellen DeGeneres Show. I really have to check them out when I’m going to have more time again.

Woo’s cameo in My Cage

Woo had a small cameo today (Sunday, 18 July 2010) in the newspaper comic strip My Cage by Ed Power (his My Cage blog) and Melissa DeJesus:

My Cage, 18 July 2010

World Cup Emotion Chart

World Cup Emotion Chart

Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life

Dan Long’s webcomic Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life does not only have an enormously long title, but is also the best comic strip (online or in print) which still gets updated regularly. Every Tuesday and Friday, to be precise. I have already blogged about Edmund’s Quest one year ago but back then it was still uncertain if this very new comic would be able to maintain its quality. Now I feel safe to say: “Yes, absolutely!”

Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life: Entering Ad-land

… all she did was clicking on this image

Since the archive is still rather small a short summary of the webcomic should do it:

Edmund’s Quest is about the adventurer of the same name who’s making extremely funny encounters with quirky natives and other travellers on his trips around the world to find the meaning of life. While the concept alone is already interesting, Edmund’s Quest offers a unique style of humor, often surrealistic and sarcastic at the same time, not seen anywhere else.

So I can just say: